Please note this Share Offer is for UK Residents only.

What are we aiming to do?

Raise investment to install your local electric vehicle chargepoint.

Why invest?

  • Support the installation of your chosen chargepoint.
  • Deliver improvements in air quality, reduced traffic noise and reduced greenhouse gas emissions as more people switch to EVs.
  • With greater availability and visibility of chargepoints, residents are more likely to consider switching to an EV.
  • By building chargepoints where there is demand from local people, there is a better chance that chargepoints will go into places where they are most needed.
  • You can earn interest on your investment and we aim to repay your investment in the future (subject to the performance of Charge my Street)
  • Charge My Street Ltd has Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) - entitling you to tax relief on your investment. You can view the letter confirming this here

Financial overview

This is part of a larger open share offer that aims to raise £200,000 for a number of chargepoint installations. It opens in January 2021 and remains open for investment until the total is reached. Minimum investment is £100, maximum investment is £15,000. Anticipated return is 2%, rising to 5% if the society performs well.

You should review the Share Offer and Business Plan before investing as they set out the plans, risks, and financial assumptions.

How long is the share offer open for?

The share offer launched on 28/9/2021 and will stay open until 28/11/2021.

What is the process?

  • After you have pledged your investment, we will wait until the investment target is reached for the chargepoint you have chosen.
  • As soon as the target is reached then we will ask you to transfer your funds and send out your share certificate.
  • We then come and install your local chargepoint so you can charge up conveniently in your own neighbourhood!

If the investment target is not met, then the we will not ask you to invest. We may extend the period that its open for investment and will let you know if we decide to do this.

If you still have questions, see our share offer FAQ . Contact us from the link below or give us a call.

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Before you make an investment based on this Offer Document, you should make sure that you fully understand the specific risks which are described in this document and subsequently that you determine whether the investment is suitable for you on the basis of this information. Specifically, in the event that the Society becomes insolvent you may lose some or all of your capital.