Across the world, cities governments and carmakers are shifting to Electric Vehicles (EVs) in response to rises in air pollution and greenhouse gasses.  One of the main barriers to adoption to EVs in the UK is a lack of chargepoints, particularly in areas where people do not have their own driveways.  

Charge my Street is a new community benefit society that installs electric vehicle charging points for homes without off street parking.  Most electric vehicle charging happens overnight so we will use car parks that are empty to charge up electric vehicles.

We will:

  • Install & operate charging points around Lancaster and Cumbria.
  • Give people the tools to locally finance a community chargepoint.
  • Encourage the take up of electric vehicles, allowing people to save money on fuel costs;
  • Reduce air pollution and CO2 emissions.
  • Explore storage of renewable energy in EV batteries, reducing the need for fossil fuels.


Charge my Street’s vision is for every home to be within 5 minutes’ walk of an EV Charging point.  This will support the adoption of EVs and among residents of flats and terraced houses without their own driveways.


The Society is testing the approach of community owned chargepoints in Lancaster and Cumbria.  The Directors feel that Charge my Street approach could be attractive to other communities across the UK.  This share offer is being designed so we can scale up if it is successful.  Expanding the network of chargepoints will have an impact on members’ ability to withdraw share capital as the Board may decide to invest profits in expanding the network of chargepoints beyond the 4 which are currently being developed.

Annual General Meeting 2019

Charge my Street accounts can be downloaded here.

The AGM report can be downloaded here.

Rules and directors

The rules for the Society can be downloaded here.

You can read about our board of directors here