Paul Fisher - Chair

Alex Hulley - Secretary

Angela Wakefield

Daniel Heery, Company Secretary at Charge My Street

Daniel Heery

Nicola Mortimer

Will Maden, Chief Technology Officer at Charge My Street

Will Maden

Adrian Powell, SOSCI Project Manager at Charge My Street

Adrian Powell

What is our track record?

Charge my Street is a community benefit society that installs and operates community chargepoints, raising money through community shares. Charge my Street has already successfully demonstrated that community investment can provide chargepoints and stimulate demand for EVs in areas without off-street parking by installing chargepoints nationally.

What are we doing now?

We are now applying this experience to an exciting new programme, scaling up this proven model to other local authority areas across northern England, in collaboration with a bigger consortium of partners. Backed by government funding from Innovate UK, our ambitious and exciting programme will see the installation of 200 22kW fast chargers across England. The innovation lies in our business model - a demand-led approach giving local people the tools and support to identify and finance their own chargepoints, at locations with the greatest identified need and benefit. It also builds on earlier projects by identifying opportunities to integrate other technologies, including solar panels and battery storage, at sites such as community centres. This allows electric vehicles to be charged using the highest possible proportion of clean green energy generation, eliminating harmful emissions not only from driving the vehicle but also from the power source itself.

Why is this so important?

Our programme directly addresses electric vehicle charging infrastructure challenges, which currently act as barriers to residents considering purchasing new or secondhand electric vehicles. Firstly, many companies currently are preferring to install their chargepoints only in dense urban areas with the highest rates of commercial return, for instance supermarkets and existing petrol stations. This leaves significant gaps in the overall network, particularly across rural areas which are often perceived to be less commercially attractive. Secondly, given that it is illegal to run loose power cables across pavements and roads, inevitably residents without driveways (particularly terraced housing or flats) in both rural and urban areas are excluded from installing their own domestic chargepoints. Overcoming these challenges by expanding the local chargepoint network will help to build public confidence in switching to electric vehicle technology. The lack of chargepoints where people need them is one of the biggest barriers to the electric vehicle revolution, a revolution that will help to reduce air pollution and control greenhouse gasses. Together we can change that.

The Board of Directors and Operations Team:

The Board of Directors are volunteers with a rich mix of skills and experience, supported by a professional team which installs and operates the network, liaises with hosts, and promotes our community chargepoint offering.

Key people:

Key people involved in the Innovate UK funded Scaling On-Street Charging Infrastructure (SOSCI) project, from Charge My Street and our partner organisations are:

Axel Fensom is developing the website platform to manage the site identification, demand stimulation & aggregation and community shares. He recently graduated from university with a First Class Honours in Physics. 

Daniel Heery is supervising the Charge My Street team. He is a Director of both Cybermoor and Charge My Street.

Kevin Wood (Cybermoor) – is managing the Innovate UK funding on the SOSCI project and has 40 years’ experience of managing complex projects. 

For more on the project partners please visit the SOSCI website.

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