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Charge with us from just 38p/kWh


Heavy = £75 per month (200kWh, then 38p/kWh thereafter)

Medium = £55 per month (135kWh, then 41p/kWh thereafter)

Light = £32.50 per month (75kWh, then 43p/kWh thereafter)


For the occasional user - 48p/kWh via the Fuuse app

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We are unlike other public chargepoint operators, we allow those without access to off-street parking to charge for a reduced cost and less than a 5-minute walk from their home. As we are a community benefit society, all profits from shares or subscriptions go straight back into the community by installing more EV chargepoints in the local area. 

As a light user, you can save up to 367 kg CO2 per year, by switching your petrol or diesel vehicle to an electric vehicle. With this saving, you could power a LED lightbulb for 9 years!

As a medium user, you can save up to 709 kg CO2 per year, by switching your petrol or diesel vehicle to an electric vehicle. This is the equivalent of driving from Lancaster to Baku, Azerbaijan in an ICE vehicle (4 982 km).

FAQ, answering the most common electric vehicle questions.

So, what's stopping you?


There are two ways to charge with us:

Regular User

If you do not have access to home charging, we will aim to install a chargepoint no more than 5 minutes away from your home. Our subscription service is unique to any other public chargepoint network, we offer three packages to suit your needs:

Heavy user: £75 / month (up to 200kWh per month, then 38p/kWh thereafter)

Medium user: £55 / month (up to 135kWh per month, then 41p/kWh thereafter)

Light user: £32.50 / month (up to 75kWh per month, then 43p/kWh thereafter)

Light users are those who drive roughly 80 miles a week and Medium users tend to drive roughly 120 miles a week (Subject to: temperature, driving conditions and speed). A subscription allows you to charge your vehicle at a reduced rate, much cheaper than most public networks.

Our chargepoints operate at either a maximum of 22kWh or 7kWh, but the actual rate of charge depends on the car. They employ Active Load Management to balance the load on the local network at times of high demand. Vehicles will charge at the maximum possible rate available at the time. For example:

A Nisan Leaf would get enough power to drive 70 miles on a 3 hour charge.

A Renault Zoe would get enough power to drive 70 miles on a 1 hour charge.

If you would like to subcribe then please:

  • Download the Fuuse app to your phone
  • Create an account
  • Using the contact link below, email us (using the email your created the Fuuse account with) your name, address and phone number and tell us which package you'd like to subscribe to and we will contact you to set up payment details
  • If you have any questions about subscriptions please call us on 01524 881401

Occasional User

If you are an occasional user or visitor to the area, please use the Fuuse app. Tap in your debit/credit card details and you are good to go, the cost is 48p/kWh. If you are an existing EO user then your app and account will work on our chargers using the EO QR code on the side of the unit.<

You can view our T&Cs here.