Would you like to host a chargepoint - or suggest somewhere that could?


For more info why not take a look at our recent webinar here.

We are installing public electric vehicle chargepoints all across England, and we are looking for host sites now. It's all part of our ongoing programme to install more chargepoints in areas where people don't tend to have their own driveway, and in rural areas that commercial chargepoint providers might not reach. It is a great way to attract more people to your premises, while helping your community. You will also be at the heart of the drive towards electric vehicles, reducing pollution in your area and helping to tackle climate change

Money is raised through community shares to ensure that, in many cases, there will be no cost at all to chargepoint hosts. Funds can also be raised by pledges to a specific site. Charge My Street organises the whole installation and will pay for as much of the capital installation costs as possible, with our total contribution depending on the number of chargepoints you wish to install, and any upgrades to the grid or changes to parking bays required. We would ask you to help us to promote our Share Offers.

Can you answer the following:

  • Is there a suitable electricity supply at the premises, accessible to the parking area? For the timebeing we are only surveying sites that have an existing, suitable power supply.
  • Is there off-street parking for at least two electric vehicles?
  • Are these publicly available, at least overnight?
  • Are you, or the site owner, interested in hosting a chargepoint?
  • Is there a broadband connection or good mobile data signal?
  • Is it in an area that could see it used well, if not now but in the near future?
  • Have you read the Charge My Street contract (link) and are happy, in principal, to sign?

If you have answered yes to all these, then head over and have a look at our more detailed FAQs page. If you still have questions don't hesitate to get in touch or call us 01524 881401.

Are you ready to apply?

Then click on your area map below, enter the details requested and submit your suggestion (please check with the site owner before submitting). We will review your suggestion and a project officer will get back to you - if your suggestion is in County Durham it will be a member of the team there, if elsewhere it will be someone from Charge My Street.