Currently we are only considering sites in Cumbria and North Lancashire.

Your guests wouldn’t expect you to pay for their fuel while staying with you, nor to get them to their next destination.

So, while offering them the convenience of a facility to charge their electric vehicle is an attractive selling point, paying for their electricity as well just isn’t sustainable from a business or ethical point of view. 

Even with the government’s (now reduced) grant for chargers, it’s still quite an outlay, along with the ongoing running costs and these costs need to be met. However, as an accommodation provider you don’t want to be seen to be exploiting your guests, so we believe you can achieve the desired outcome by having a community benefit society as your charging network provider – Charge My Street.

To be viable your site must have:

  • a suitable building power supply, easily accessible from the proposed location. Charge My Street will reimburse you for all electricity used by the chargepoint
  • a wired internet connection, close to the charger

Charge My Street will pay for and manage the chargepoint socket. Rather than ask you for a contribution, we ask that an investment be made through Charge My Street’s community share offer.

Email to register your interest.

Please note this is a separate scheme to our community (public access) chargepoints project - these chargepoints are for authorised users of your car park only.