While we don’t sell EVs, nor do we promote any specific type(s) - although the directors constantly bicker over who has the best one, here at Charge My Street we understand there are a whole host of questions you might have if you are considering making the switch. Here are the three questions that seem to crop up most often, with links to our favourites resource for all things EV, Dr Euan McTurk’s Plug Life Television YouTube channel:

Why buy an EV?

Less damaging to the environment and cheaper to run are our top two reasons. This is a long piece that explores the issues in depth, but if you expand the description below the video window you can jump to different sections.

What about the environmental concerns?

There has been much in the press about EVs actually having more of an environmental impact than normal cars. We think this pretty much answers that misconception.

How do I charge an EV, and how long does it take?

A seemingly simple question, but not a straightforward answer, so try looking at this link https://www.zap-map.com/charge-points/ or watching

As we grow, gain experience, and interact with community projects and partners across the UK we will post useful resources - links, documents etc - here. So check back periodically to see who we’ve been talking to.